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Our Mission

Selam Orphan Children Associations mission
  is to house  and educate some of the most desperate and unfortunate children in Ethiopia, enabling them to become contributing members of society and leaders of the next generation.

"The world is complicated enough, how can I expect to succeed without the help of two good parents? " Monica G. Bain               

   My name is Aynalem Ali and I am the founder of HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and the Connecting Communities Coalition. Our efforts to date have benefited HIV victims both here in Manitoba and in my homeland, Ethiopia.
   It was during my visit to Ethiopia in 2005 that I met a destitute mother with a five month old child who changed my life. Her plight made me realize that I needed to lend a helping hand towards improving the lives of homeless people in Addis Ababá.
   The child's mother disappeared during her search for support for her child, leaving me with her now orphaned baby, and not many options. I was grateful to find shelter for the child at The Selam orphanage.
    Upon my return to my home in Canada, I began organizing family and friends to help raise money for the orphanage. In my heart I knew that that was not enough and that I could do more, so I hosted a fund raising dinner with the help of my family, friends, the Central Mosque, and Knox United Church. We managed to raise $11,000.00 that night. The money we raised for the last five years has gone towards food, education, medical care, and rent for the orphanage. To this end I have been involved with the Selam Orphan Children, Destitute Mothers, and the Aged Association (SOCDMA) since 2005.
    On June 12, 2010, I will be hosting a further fund raising dinner to raise money to purchase the land on which the orphanage sits. This will ensure that all future monies go directly to the orphanage instead of a landlord. In order to be even more successful this year, I am asking for the help of our comunnitythrough the promotion of this event. I greatly appreciate your consideration of this worthy cause. I assure you that The SOCDMA Association is administered by volunteers and volunteers alone. There are no administration costs. All money we raise goes directly towards helping the destitute children of Addis Ababa.  

With many thanks and sincere best wishes,
Aynlem Ali 

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